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"I was first introduced to MTI when they volunteered to come to CrossFit Showdown to offer free evaluation services to our members. I have a history of knee surgeries and chronic knee pain as well, which caused gait pattern issues with my left hip. Additionally, I was experiencing shoulder pain from an acute injury that was exacerbated by some very tight lats (I couldn't come close to bringing my arms overhead). Before I started seeing Dr. Hughes and Dr. Feliz, I could not variations of the overhead press. I also struggled with my walking and running. Dr. Hughes and Dr. Feliz provided me with an exceptional diagnosis and offered exceptional physical therapy services, which greatly improved my functionality. As a CrossFit coach and an athlete, I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional level of care I received at MTI. I am now confident and comfortable with walking long distances; something that used to cause my immense pain and discomfort. Additionally, my overhead range of motion had greatly improved and thus I am able to perform every overhead movement that my sport requires. Whenever my athletes experience an injury, I refer to them to MTI because the quality of care is unmatched."
Feb 23, 2022
"I feel so lucky to have been referred to The Movement Therapy Institute team. I had completed post op PT and was referred to MTI. From the first conversation I knew their knowledge and experience was going to help me both physically and mentally to be stronger. I look forward to each session as I am challenged and encouraged every step of the way….”getting stronger 1% every day.” I appreciate their partnership in working with me to meet my goals."
Sep 24, 2021
"MTI has been an incredible experience from me. Dr. Any Hughes is not only a great physical therapist, but an awesome person. She really cares for her clients, takes the time to explain the “why” behind our exercises and even checks in between sessions! She has taught me how to use and strengthen my body to maximize my performance and has pushed me to limits I never thought possible. It wasn’t that long ago that I was worried about deadlifting due to chronic lower back issues. If you have chronic sports injuries or just want to learn how to maximize your body’s potential I highly recommend MTI! "
May 31, 2021
"From dance classes and youth sports to college intramurals and aerobics to step class and bootcamp to running and CrossFit, I enjoyed being active and was lucky enough to avoid any injury for the first 52 years of my life. Then, one day as I was jumping rope, my left knee just gave out. I fell to the ground. I kept trying to continue, but I just couldn't put any weight on my leg- let alone jump or run or lift a heavy weight. For the next few weeks, I alternated between trying to rest the knee and trying to just ignore the pain and weakness. You see, I am a bit afraid of doctors. And I was very afraid of being told that I would not be able to be active. Finally, some friends at my gym recommended Dr. Latino-Feliz based on their personal experiences. At my first session, I was so relieved to learn that I was just experiencing some swelling and pain due to overuse. Dr. Latino-Feliz worked with me to develop a series of stretches and exercises that I could do at home a few times a week that would release the tension in the tight areas, strengthen the underlying muscles, and improve my movement patterns. The pain and tenderness went away almost immediately, I have been able to return to all activities that I had been doing before the injury, and I feel like my "normal" self with no reservations when I am active. My only regret is that I wish I would have gone sooner. I highly recommend Dr. Latino-Feliz. "
Nov 10, 2020



“After many years of having countless injuries; and being treated by doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and the list goes on. Dr. Latino-Feliz was able to help me with my injuries when no one else could. I look forward to more sessions!”

– A.G.


“Dr. Latino-Feliz is personable and extremely professional. She was very clear with her communication and she identified issues with my mobility that came from old patterns of movement and provided me with a treatment plan that will keep me from suffering injuries that would have otherwise presented themselves over time. My posture and strength has improved markedly since I began treatment and I am very grateful for Dr. Latino-Feliz’s help!”

– C.T.


“Dr. Latino-Feliz is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to help me both prevent future injury as well as perform at my best. I have worked with her for both my back and leg and have seen big changes in both in just a few sessions. I definitely will continue to work with her as I couldn’t see my training regiment working without it!”

– D.A.

“As a dancer who has gone through various injuries and physical therapists, I can say with absolute confidence that the best treatment I have ever received has been from Dr. Latino-Feliz.

The doctor is one-of-a-kind in her approach to healing because she doesn’t just look at your injury, but at how your entire body moves. This is important because it gives you the groundwork for further injury prevention as well as an understanding of your body, which she teaches you about along the way. Everything she asks me to do is tailored to my individual needs and is incredibly logical.

Dr. Aracelly’s practice is not just about healing an injury, it’s also about developing strength and personal growth through her healing practices. If you want to grow as a person and work with a phenomenal healer, she is the person for you.”

– A.T.

“Dr. Latino-Feliz is the most kind, committed, and talented PT I’ve ever worked with. Her detailed assessment of my physical needs made her therapeutic treatments all the more successful and my newly strengthened lower back and over all functional movements is a testament to her commitment to her trade. Her office and facility is on what I believe to be the cutting edge of functional fitness. After years of battling back problems from skiing, soccer and pushing my bodies limits, Dr. Latino-Feliz and her team have my body performing efficiently and without the significant pain and tightness I used to just grin and bear before.

Thank You for everything!”

– R.C.

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