Our Mission

At MTI our chief aim is to give our clients hope, improve function and movement efficiency, and maximize performance for long term sustainability.

We co-create a holistic and attainable plan of action that includes a deeper understanding about your condition and how to manage your symptoms.

We equip you with the resources, guidance and tools you need to create a healing environment and make lifestyle choices that align with the life and activities you wish to participate in.

We collaborate with health care professionals and other key partners to provide comprehensive quality health care so you get the care you deserve.

Core Values

  • Integrity – At MTI we honor commitments and represent the highest forms and standards of ethical behavior.
  • Commitment to Excellence – MTI is committed to lifelong learning to provide our clients and patients with the highest standards of care.
  • Respect – We provide sensitive care distinguished by trust, respect and an appreciation for individual differences.
  • Compassion – We value what it is to walk in our patient’s shoes so we can truly understand their needs. We genuinely empathize, feel and identify with those we serve.

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