Appointments are available from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

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At MTI we believe you are unique and deserve exceptional care and treatment. Our team will support you in creating an ideal healing environment to improve your quality of life, get you out of pain and maximize your performance. We are passionate about helping others and look forward to being a part of your health journey.


The body has a natural capacity to heal. At MTI we will teach you how to move safely and efficiently. Our tailored rehab programs will set the foundation for optimal movement.


We want you to experience your life to the fullest. This means getting a deeper understanding of body mechanics and neurophysiology to create longevity and prevent injury.


Your individuality is what makes you shine. We strive to empower our clients with education about their bodies that will last a lifetime. We want you to perform and thrive.


As a dancer who has gone through various injuries and physical therapists, I can say with absolute confidence that the best treatment I have ever received has been from Dr. Latino-Feliz.

The doctor is one-of-a-kind in her approach to healing because she doesn’t just look at your injury, but at how your entire body moves. This is important because it gives you the groundwork for further injury prevention as well as an understanding of your body, which she teaches you about along the way. Everything she asks me to do is tailored to my individual needs and is incredibly logical.

Dr. Aracelly’s practice is not just about healing an injury, it’s also about developing strength and personal growth through her healing practices. If you want to grow as a person and work with a phenomenal healer, she is the person for you.


Dr. Latino-Feliz is the most kind, committed, and talented PT I’ve ever worked with. Her detailed assessment of my physical needs made her therapeutic treatments all the more successful and my newly strengthened lower back and over all functional movements is a testament to her commitment to her trade. Her office and facility is on what I believe to be the cutting edge of functional fitness. After years of battling back problems from skiing, soccer and pushing my bodies limits, Dr. Latino-Feliz and her team have my body performing efficiently and without the significant pain and tightness I used to just grin and bear before.

Thank You for everything!


One of a kind
After many years of having countless injuries; and being treated by doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and the list goes on. Dr. Latino-Feliz was able to help me with my injuries when no one else could. I look forward to more sessions!


Improved Mobility!

Dr. Latino-Feliz is personable and extremely professional.  She was very clear with her communication and she identified issues with my mobility that came from old patterns of movement and provided me with a treatment plan that will keep me from suffering injuries that would have otherwise presented themselves over time. My posture and strength has improved markedly since I began treatment and I am very grateful for Dr. Latino-Feliz’s help!


Game Changer
Dr. Latino-Feliz is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to help me both prevent future injury as well as perform at my best. I have worked with her for both my back and leg and have seen big changes in both in just a few sessions. I definitely will continue to work with her as I couldn’t see my training regiment working without it!